Read Between The Lines

For this project I have selected six of the most influencing new yorkers I know to write on the back of my most iconic NYC's photographs. Each of Them have mastered theyr jobs and gained respect from not only me but a world of others. The title of this project is "READ BETWEEN THE LINES" and directs the writer to communicate above thin lines the stories. The formulated template of a postcard has several blank lines on the left hand half and this is where is printed in tiny-sized grey phrases the greatest NY moment of theyr lives. I asked for them to describe the most lasting memory of new york and theyr life here. These phrases will serve as the "blank lines" on the postcard, leaving the writer no choice but to "read between their own lines". The entire series of six postcards will be sell from September 12 at the PS1 MOMA Museum and at the Bronx Museum of NYC.
The NY's personality that partecipated to this project are: JK5, Jules Kim, Mark Nardelli, Miss Rosen, Olivia Fincato and Tony Arcabascio.
Read Between The LinesRead Between The Lines