Downtown Cima Grappa

After World War II a NATO military base called "La base Americana" (The American military base) was built on the opposite side of a mountain from Tempio Ossario, or "Temple of Bones", where the killed soldiers' remains were entombed. 3 miles away there was a US missle launch site that was in use from WWII until the Cold War. When I was 17, I would snowboard down this same mountain, and subsequently after the base was shut down, I would spend time exploring it. Now, 10 years later, I took 8 photos, mounted them on billboards (63″ x 100″what is this in ft?), and installed them on the wall inside of a little hangar where i guess they used to store the missle motors. Today the area is restricted, but I discovered an entrance betwen a little street where tourists walk during the weekend.
Downtown Cima GrappaDowntown Cima GrappaDowntown Cima GrappaDowntown Cima GrappaDowntown Cima Grappa